vertical-image-1How do you know when you need a second pair of eyes?

When your eyes overlook what you have checked a dozen times and miss seeing what OSHA finds the first time they open theirs.

A second set of eyes doesn’t mean your safety procedures aren’t in place and implemented fully. It also does not imply that your safety personnel are not doing their job properly. The world of safety is getting tougher with more restrictions, regulations, and revisions to safety procedures than ever before. Safety doesn’t differentiate, whether you are in manufacturing, construction, health care, or a small company of 5 employees.

Being at the top of your game as an organization boils down to TWO things:

  1. Protecting your organization
  2. Protecting your employees!

Lean organizations mean less employees, more responsibilities and more room for error. A second set of eyes means that you care enough about your organization and employees to make sure you are meeting all safety requirements. Don’t take chances and let safety be an afterthought, let safety be your first thought. Call or email today.