Q?We are a small company and have few employees, is it necessary to be OSHA compliant?

Most organizations are not immune to OSHA regulations and regulatory compliances.

However, here are a few guidelines that should help you determine if you are possibly exempt from OSHA. Please visit http://www.osha.gov/ for further details.

  • Self employed persons
  • Farms at which only immediate members of the farmer’s family are employed
  • Whose working conditions are regulated by other federal agencies
  • Those who employ others in their own homes to perform domestic services such as housecleaning and child care
  • Churches and nonsecular church activities
  • States and political subdivisions
  • Employers not engaged in interstate commerce
Q?Is SWS able to produce customized written safety programs?

Yes, that is our specialty. Of course there are standard requirements used throughout each organization, but our safety programs are written to your company’s specification and need.

Q?What states does SWS Cover?

We are located in Indiana but are not limited to the Midwest, we are a nationwide consulting firm.